Finding Your Audience Online
If you already have a presence online, then you know that a user-friendly web site and supporting social media are crucial elements of any successful communications plan. If you don't occupy any bandwidth, then you are missing valuable pointers to your organization and its brand. Take Me to gCloud has the expertise to develop web solutions that engage the social network exposure you need. We get you up and running, and we make sure you get noticed! 

Using Google Sites, Take Me to gCloud completes your online communications inventory by developing your company website and enabling the full complement of social networking outlets. A seamless brand presentation across the many online channels – Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and YouTube, just to name a few – is our mission. 
Our back-end designers will ensure that your sites get picked up during searches with all the major browsers and is listed in all the local search engines. Our front-end designers will ensure that once users find your sites, they will get the information they seek and that it is in a package that reflects your brand in a compelling, visually interesting way. Best of all, after Take Me to gCloud completes the heavy lifting of creating a superb web presence, Google products enable you to manage it with little or no IT skills.

Maintaining Your Site
Google Sites will become your Marketing department's new favorite Secret Weapon! This easy to learn application requires only basic document editing skills to keep your internet presence up to date and current at all times.